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MatMod GmbH : Privacy Policy

Data protection

MatMod GmbH collects only a minimum of data that are necessary to process the business transactions. All data that MatMod GmbH obtain and collect from its clients and users through registration or other means will strictly be used only for communicating licence keys and other messages concerning the software or services of MatMod GmbH. In no case, any data will be sold or given away to another party.
MatMod GmbH itself does not collect credit card data in order to process payments, it uses secure internationally recognized payment providers, such as Stripe or Paypal.


The prices for a downloadable product is directly calculated and clearly visible on our web page. The prices are given in Swiss Francs and these are binding. We also give a approximate price in US dollar. The exchange rate is calculate on a weekly base, but the price in US dollar are not binding.


The payment is possible only through Stripe (at the present time). In Stripe you can pay with credit cards. The credit card data are directly transmitted to Stripe, never to MatMod.


After a successful authorisation of your payment, an email will be sent to the registered or indicated address. It contains the license key and instruction how to install it or a temporary link to the service to be provided (eBook etc.).


Jurisdiction is Canton of Zug (Switzerland).

Further remarks

Do you have questions? Please ask at: info@matmod.ch

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