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Automated Airport Staff Scheduling at Swissport International Ltd.

Swissport International Ltd. is the world's leading provider of airport ground services and air cargo handling. Airport ground handling involves a broad range of tasks, including passenger services like check-in, gate handling and transfer, and ramp services like baggage management, aircraft handling, and aircraft servicing and cleaning. Swissport decided more than 10 years ago to start to try to optimize these sophisticated planning processes with the help of an appropriate software solution.

The basis model of this planning is a large Mixed Integer Problem (MIP) with instances of more than 500'000 constraints. The entire model is implemented as a LPL code of more than 20'000 lines of code. Read more ...

cpmPlus Energy Manager at ABB Finland

Energy constitutes about 20% of the total production cost in an integrated steel mill, and therefore energy efficiency is crucial for profitability. The challenge therefore is to optimize the entire energy system throughout the plant to supply the needs of all consumers with minimum costs.

A larger Linear Program (LP) formulated in LPL is integrated into ABB’s cpmPlus Energy Manager. Read more ...

The Federal Food Supply of Switzerland in Time of Crisis

The Federal Office of Food Precaution of Switzerland (Bundesamt für wirtschaftliche Landesversorgung BWL) uses a decision support system in regard to changes of the domestic food production, processing and stockpiling. The basic model is a large multi-objective LP formulated in LPL. Read more ...


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