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White Papers about modeling

What is Modeling? A short paper of an informal introduction to the concept of model, and a formal definition
How to Model? A paper that explains the process of modeling, and a set of small instructive example problems
What is Indexing? An introduction of the use of indexing in mathematical modeling
Model Types A classification of various model types and a collection of examples and implemented applications
Pivot Table A brief introduction into multi-dimensional datacubes, their operations and their representation as pivot tables
Logical Modeling An introduction to integer programming models and of using Boolean operations in modeling. It also gives some hints on how to translate logical expressions into linear constraints using binary variables
Permutation Problems A definition of permutation problems and how to solve them. The paper also contains a number of executable model examples.
Other Tools Some other, alternative modeling tools are presented
My Vision My personal vision of a full-fletched modeling langugae
My Modeling Books The three Books containing together more than 300 modeling problems with solutions and explanations.

White Papers about LPL

Fuctionalities of LPL Short description of the LPL software and its functionalities
An Intro to LPL A paper explains my ideas of a modeling language and compares it to programming languages
README Very quick readme for installing LPL
Install LPL Installation manual of LPL
Tutorial A Collection of tutor examples
Reference Manual The reference manual of the LPL modeling language
User Manual User Manual of the Windows Interface version of the LPL modeling system

Models in LPL

Williams' models The 30 case studies from: "Williams H.P., Model Building in Mathematical Modelling, Wiley, 5rd edition, 2013".
Guéret's models The 65 models from: ." Guéret Ch., Prins Ch., Sevaux, M., Programmation linéaire, Eyrolles, 2000". (in French). The book has been translated to English and is available at Xpress
Go to the PDF textbook A Collection of many small and simple models from various classical OR books.


Download LPL Download the complete LPL Modeling System (Windows version)
License Key Get an Academic License for LPL valid for one month free of charge
Solver CBC Linear Solver ready for LPL (Windows version)
Solver GLPK Linear Solver ready for LPL (Windows version)
Julia Notebook A Jupyter Notebook for calling LPL from Julia through Internet. No LPL installation needed
Python Notebook A Jupyter Notebook for calling LPL from Python through Internet. No LPL installation needed

Old White Papers

diss.pdf LPL: A Structured Language for Modeling Linear Programs (my Dissertation), 1987
Manual_3.5-1.pdf An Old Reference Manual of LPL Version 3.5, 1990
Units.pdf Units measurement in an old LPL Version, 1991
Aachen.pdf Modeling Tools (talk at Aachen), 1991
NetzEditor.pdf Network Editor integrated in an old LPL Version, 1992
Sort.pdf A Smart Algorithm for Transposing a Matrix, 1992
ULM.pdf Modeling Tools (talk in Ulm), 1992
packing.pdf Zuschnittprobleme und der genetische Algorithmus, 1992
IAUFBandII-1.pdf Modeling Tools for Decision Support (Book), ed. Kohlas J., 1993
PROLOG.pdf Logic Programming and LPL, 1993
-Berechenbar.pdf Über Berechenbarkeit: eine Zusammenfassung, 1993
Logik.pdf Logic, : A Survey, 1993
primes.pdf Ein Public-Key-Kryptosystem (Zusammenfassung für Vorlesungen), 1994
GregDate.pdf Gregorian Calendar, 1994
Steiner.pdf The Euclidean Steier Tree Problem, Implementation of a Heuristic, 1994C
Simplex.pdf The Simplex Method, 1995
Uncertainty.pdf Uncertainty in Mathematical and Logical Models, 1995
SwissPerfect.pdf A New Theorem on Swiss Perfectness (with A. Klinkert), a not so serious presentation at the 70 anniversary of C. Berge), 1996
Habil-new.pdf Computer-Based Mathematical Modeling : My Habilitation, 1997
Habil.pdf Computer-Based Mathematical Modeling : My Habilitation, 1997
Zufallszahlen.pdf Zufallszahlen Generatoren, 1997
logical.pdf Logical Modeling Using LPL, 1997
logical1.pdf An Efficient Logic-to-IP Translation Procedure (APMOD98 International Conference Talk), 1998
modeling.pdf Modeling Languages in optimization : a new paradigm, 1998
orann.pdf Modeling Languages: A new Paradigm of Programming, 1998
orann1.pdf Index-Sets in Modeling Languages, 1998
nim.pdf NIM-Spiele : Eine Mathematische Analyse mit Computercode, 1999
HabilK.pdf Mathematical Modeling and Optimization : An Essay for the Design of Computer-Based Modeling Tools (My Habilitation) (published with Kluwer), 2000
rap.pdf RAP – Rationanplan Re-engineering eines DSS-Systems (Technische Documentation), 2000
Locical2.pdf An Efficient Logic-to-IP Translation Procedure, 2001
Azmat.pdf Mixed Integer Programming to Schedule a Single-shift Workforce under Annualized Hours (with M. Widmer and C. Azmat), 2002
date.pdf Date/Time Type in LPL, 2003
highlights.pdf The LPL Modelling Language : Highlights, 2003
pivot.pdf Slicing -- Dicing -- Sizing -- Rising : A Theory of Datacube and Pivoting, 2004
dynampro.pdf Dynamic Programming : A Case Study, 2005
colors.pdf Colors in LPL's Drawing Tool, 2005
assumption.pdf Assumption-Based Reasoning with LPL, 2005