Various Model Types

Tony Hürlimann

November 12, 2023


Mathematical models can be classified into groups using various criteria: discrete, continuous, linear, non-linear, etc. Different model types also dominate in different research domains. Linear and non-linear optimization models prevail the realm of operations research. Dynamical models such as differential equations, appear more in physics and engineering. Statistical models and models treating uncertainty (p.e. stochastic models, fuzzy models) occur in social sciences. This is not to say that physicists do not use statistics. However, the various research domain use a slightly different vocabulary in building their models.

Coming from the operations research, a lot of attention is given to the classification in this research field. Several model types are formulated in mathematical notation and in the modeling system LPL (see [10]). They are compared with each other from various point of views. Concrete model application examples are given for most model type.

A ZIP file of all models can be found HERE