LINDO Systems is a software for integer programming, linear programming, nonlinear programming, stochastic programming, global optimization. It contains a modeling language (LINGO) as well as solvers integrated. The What’s Best library – based on this system – is a well known addon for Excel. It contains a fully featured environment for building and editing problems with LINGO language. A package to Python exists: the pyLingo package. The LINGO language contains also the different parts: SETS:...ENDSETS, DATA:...ENDDATA, For-loops define sets of constraints. However, the LINGO language is not as powerful as GAMS or AMPL. Also its syntax is a bit clumsy. It uses sets, but then needs for-loops. Some keywords are old style (@FOR).

In the following, a model for the “Data Envelopment Analysis” field is used to show the syntax of LINGO.

   2.3.1 Data Envelopment Analysis (deamod)