How to Model?

Tony Hürlimann

November 12, 2023


This paper has three parts. It gives first a short introduction on the modeling process, explains very briefly its stages in order to learn how to model. In a second part a number of small problems with solutions in a third part are exposed by which the reader can exercise the skills of modeling. To be useful, the reader should really try hard to solve these problems and look up the solution only after trying. It is the only way to acquire the skill of modeling. Three problems are from [4] which is an excellent book with more than 150 puzzles. Many Internet pages and books are available with puzzles, one of the oldest is [3]. Martin Gardner has also published a number of mathematical puzzles in book form. The focus here is mainly on mathematical models, hence the third part of the problems have also mathematical formulations if appropriate. Many modeling examples of puzzles can also be found in my puzzle and other book: See My Modeling Books.