Step 7: T4-Rules

In this step several modifications are done and the final or operator is eliminated.

  1. An expression x is transformed to x 1, and x is transformed into x 0, if x is a binary.

  2. if x occurs in a nested expression then it is transformed to 1 - x.

  3. The two operators < and > are eliminated. If the expressions E1 and E2 are integer expressions then ϵ = 1 else ϵ = 0.00001.

    E1 < E2   willbecome    E1 ≤  E2 - ϵ

    E1 > E2   willbecome    E1 ≥  E2 + ϵ
  4. Basically, there is only a single logical expression left to be translated: x E1 (or: x E1)., where E1 is an equation or inequality.